Franchise Enquiry

About School

At Challenger Public Pre-School, we believe that student learning is the chief priority and all students can learn to their fullest potential. Students will develop their individual talents, critical thinking, and technology skills by being actively engaged in the learning process. Continuous commitment to excellence ensures that our students are all rounded lifelong learners.


Our vision, as a community is to inspire a passion for learning. We believe that all students can learn to their fullest potential. Student learning will be enhanced by national, global, and multicultural perspectives. The students will possess the basic knowledge and skills that will assure their proficiency in problem solving and technology. They will be responsible citizens, lifelong learners, and will be prepared for a variety of options. The School’s vision is to develop all round excellence in individuals, by nurturing their unique talents, developing rational thinking and inculcating ethical and cultural values so that they can meet the challenges of life.


Our mission is to empower all students to apply their acquired skills and knowledge, and to rely upon their personal attributes to lead productive lives and to become contributing members of the global community. In order to prepare students to live in and contribute to a changing world and engage in active, lifelong learning, Challenger Public School provides a balance, varied school curriculum designed to meet the academic, cultural and social needs of individuals from the diverse backgrounds of our community.


We at Challenger Public Pre-School are providing our Brand Name and Goodwill as Franchise process.

The facilities which are provided are :-

➢ Hiring Teachers & Staff.
➢ Selection of Teachers & Staff.
➢ Develop Pre- School curriculum.
➢ Purchase Furnishing, Toys and Equipments.
➢ Develop and prepare your facility.
➢ Identify a location.
➢ Assisting with Academic Books, Stationary and Uniform.
➢ Quarterly Training Arrangements for Teaching faculties.
➢ Student assessment semester wise.
➢ Parent Orientation twice yearly.

Franchise territory & boundaries

The distance between the franchise and the franchisor should be approximately 10 km and it should be 5-6 km from each franchises.

7 star support system :

➢ Proven Curriculum & system.
➢ Branch Set – up.
➢ Rigorous Training and Recruitment.
➢ Marketing support.
➢ IT support.
➢ Vendors and suppliers.

Space requirements

➢ Total requirement of space should not be less than 2000 sqft to 2500 sqft.
➢ Area required for Preschool classes set up should be around 1500 sqft.
➢ Area required for Preschool Play and Activity space for children should be around 500