• Teaching Methodology

At CPS we follow activity-based curriculum. Our activity-based curriculum is central to our school ethos and it encourages children to be creative, to use their imagination and to be critical thinkers. It supports them in learning and practicing a range of skills. Children engage in practical, hands-on, meaningful activities taking place both indoors and outside. We consider outdoor learning to be just as important as indoor learning. Making cognitive learning fun, our preschool academic programmes incorporate necessary outdoor activities and games for every class. Students are made to engage in several outdoor activities such as free outdoor play, Yoga, and other activities like skating, football. We, at CPS strive to address the curiosity of every child by curating stimulating and engaging activities. Along with outdoor games, students are also involved in several indoor activities like free play, educational toys, puzzle solving, craft activities music and much more that helps them explore their abilities and build their skills.

  • Group activities

Pre-schoolers are still in the process of developing their cognitive and social skills, they often function best when in small group settings.

At CPS we engage kids in small group activities that are a great opportunity for all
children involved to further develop their social skills through structured interaction,
using language to express their thoughts and needs with peers to accomplish a task

Such activities teach cooperation, encourages interaction and observations

  • Single activities

An Activity where each individual child takes an initiative to perform and develop their creativity. 

  • Circle time

This a time where the teacher has an eye to eye contact with her students. Students expresses their feelings, experiences and different thoughts.

  • Field Trips

We regularly organise field trips for our students. These field trips help to make learning more interesting and memorable. 

Field trips help our students to connect to the real world

  • Competitions

Apart from preparing children to qualify for academic demands special efforts are being made to enable them to face the challenges of the competitive world. Competitions help in self-development of children and improves their self-confidence. It helps students to learn and discover themselves. CPS has always been keen to foster parents involvement in school activities. Mother child competition is one of an active way of their involvement.

  • Parent Child Activities

Every month we have a parent-child activity that is to enhance the quality time spend together at home and to make learning a fun.

Festivals & Celebrations

Celebration at CPS has always been a fun. Celebrating all the festivals have become an integral part of our learning. These celebration builds strong cultural belief among children and brings them closer to different traditions and cultures of our country. 

Special Events 

  • Annual Day

Annual Day are very important in school, which gives the students an opportunity to show their talents. Along with this the students who have excelled in academics, sports and other fields are awarded. This event also gives a chance to showcase what the school has done and achieved throughout the year.

  • Sports Carnival

Sports carnival organised by CPS was a great time and opportunity to promote heathy
lifestyle message to the students and parents and community at large.
With the motto to provide a comprehensive approach to health promotion, focusing not
just on the benefits of exercise but also the importance of other behaviours such as
healthy eating.

  • Art Mela

Interschool drawing & colouring competition was organised by CPS in its Premises, where children from various schools participated and showcased their talent of art.Winners were awarded with prizes

  • Annual dental & medical Check-up

To assess and keep a check on normal development of the child every year we have a dental and general medical check-up by the paramedical staff of renowned hospitals in our premises.

  • Football tournament
  • Patriotic week
  • Community helper day

Cocurricular Activities

We believe that a rich variety of co-curricular activities contribute to the overall development of the child, while at the same time, making school life an enjoyable experience. We provide an enriched program for all the above with instructors that specialize in working with young children.

  • Art & Craft

     Art ,craft & Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.

  • Dance

Dance is the hidden language of the soul, dance goes beyond verbal language in engaging dancers and promoting the development of multisensory beings. Much like sport, dance is great for developing motor skills and learning patience and discipline. We at CPS teaches dance to our little ones that helps in physical fitness, appreciation of the body and effective stress management.

  • Music

Expression in Song is a musical project where children are taught and sing songs based on suitable themes. This helps build confidence and gives the children exposure on stage.

  • Karate & Skating

Growing in every way means training the body as well as the mind. Physical Education is, therefore a vital part of learning.

Through various sports like karate & skating the kindergarten starters strives to instill ahealthy sense of competition, discipline and sportsmanship.